Stage 1

Process Stage 1
Protection of all the doors, windows, paths and surrounding areas is the primary process. All areas are masked with polythene, paper and dust sheets. Great care is taken with lawns and shrubs.

Stage 2

Process Stage 2
Preparation is carried out on all surfaces, damaged render is invisibly repaired, cracks are carefully cleaned and filled. Surfaces are pressure cleaned to ensure a clean base for the coating.

Stage 3

Process Stage 3
Next a high performance primary coat is applied by spray or masonary brush. This penetrates the surface, providing excellent adhesion and weather proofing.

Stage 4

Process Stage 4
A specialist coating is sprayed on the surface at 100lbs pressure, a minimum of 1 kg of product is applied per m2 - 20 x thicker than conventional paint, which dries to a beautiful finish.

Areas We Cover

  • Hampshire
  • Dorset
  • West Sussex
  • Wiltshire
  • Surrey
  • Berkshire
  • Portsmouth
  • Weymouth
  • Dorchester
  • Fareham
  • Guildford
  • London
  • Bournemouth
  • Poole
  • Ringwood
  • Christchurch
  • Southampton
  • Salisbury
  • Romsey
  • Winchester
  • Stockbridge
  • Basingstoke
  • Reading
  • Bath
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